Monday, January 30, 2012

splendid moments

Some guys think a long spanking is always a good spanking. That is wrong. You do not need to spank a bum for half an hour to make an impression on a naughty girl.

There are certain moments that she will keep in mind:

The anticipation before it all starts:

The awful moment when you know it will happen right now:

(picture from

The pain in her ass:

When the spanking is over and you feel very sorry for yourself and your burning behind:


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Three of my favorite pics.
Why are they my favaorites???
...well... maybe... because...they show what spanking is about to me...
Its punishment!
(For my taste)

To be in the power of someone else.
To feel his strength.
It is spontaneous and not composed.
It looks like real punishment.She seems to be helpless and sorry.
She gets a good hiding and not just some friendly taps.
He seems to be angry.

Yes, I like the real stuff! I am into "naughy girl gets punished for naughty things by a man who is strong enough take her and give her what she deserves...."

Rather oldfashioned I'm afraid.

But that is the way I am.

Btw: The woman shown in these pics is from asia. That is why she is so small. She is definetely over 18. For sure!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


From time to time drawings interest me more than pics. i don't know why that is so. Maybe I can fancy a lot into some drawings. and to fancy stories about spanking is my world. I love to read spanking stories, but mostly they are not my stories. They to not meet my fantasies. I like good spanking pics. They are good if I can tell myself a story about that pic.
Sigh, maybe I am to difficult. But that's the way I am. Cannot change that.

I love Neprakta, a czech drawer. He made wonderful spanking drawings. Love most of them! He is a famous artist and has done alot of different art. But he must be into spanking himself. It could not be different. Just have a look at two of his masterpieces and you will understand what I write.

"You Should Count Yourself Lucky!
A lot of fathers hardly have any involvement at all with their kids after they're divorced. But no, your mum insisted that I keep my hand in..."

"Don't You Think Its a Bit Much, Papa? light up a cigarette right after giving me a whipping for doing the same thing?"

I have a lot of wonderful neprakta drawings. If you want to see more, just tell me. Make a comment.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I am not into brutality. I do not like torture, cruel spankings, bleeding stripes and all that stuff. Not my taste. I'm into punishment, correction of a naughty girl or woman. A red stinging bottom, a good cry during or after a sound spanking. Embarressment, humiliation, shame... that's okay with me. No bondage, no blood, no black and blue bottoms.
Just a good old fashioned spanking ...that's what makes me going.

Some producers seem to misunderstand spankos. A decline in clicks? Spank harder! Less coustomers? Beat the models black and blue. Nudes spankings sell better. Oral sex and spankings will improve the statistic. Vagina in XXL, anus wide spread... oh, come on!

Tell us a story, give us some imagination, make our fantasy going. That's all we ask for.

Added some pics I like to this entry. Nothing special. Just some nice pics to my taste. But... maybe... I'm to oldfashioned. (sigh)

Isn't she cute? Love that pic!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

sore bottom of the week

She is sorry now!