Saturday, March 20, 2010



Beeing a spankologist......

I am a born spankologist.
What does that mean?

I am into spanking as long as I can remember. Beeing fascinated by spanked bottoms for such a long time you become (in the course o
f time) spankologist.

You can feel, smell, taste when a spanking is around. No need to see a bare bottom, no need for spanking instruments in sight. You do not need to hear the sounds of spankings and the cries of a naughty, well punished girl.

There is something in the air that makes you know that sooner or later a pale bottom will change his color. If you have that feeling and your anticipation is proofed..well then you are a spankologist.

But of course imagination is one thing.
Getting to know the truth is better. Much better....



Oliver Strict said...

The profession I dream to exercise !

Anonymous said...

I'm unsure if that a male or female is being caned in the above pic?

Anonymous said...

The bare bottomed girl bending over the chair reminds me of a period when I was in university and my parents were informed by a tutor they knew ,that I had been neglecting studying in favour of too much socialising and if I did not quickly get down to work I would be sent down! They ensured I did work!. I had to give up digs and live at home and at the weekend I was immediatley told I would be caned in the evening and grounded for two weeks!
So after tea I was in that position ,Mum having removed my jeans and panties. They then proceeded to give me a realy hard caning of 12 strokes.I had to be held for the last 3 or 4 cuts!I was then put in the corner for 1/2 hour before being sent to bed! I had several canings in the last two years in Uni none quite as hard but they hurt! It did work ansd I had a good degree. Babs

Anonymous said...

The young lady, aged 20, in the pyjamas, can still hardly believe her Stepmother who is only 7 years older than her is getting up to get the rattan cane from the study! She will take those pyjama trousers down when she returns.
Then the poor girl will be lectured and soon bending down touching her toes!.She knows Step M. will give her 12 strokes on her bare bottom and already has a tears in her eyes because Step M canes very sharply!She wil not sit down for dinner tonight! GW

Anonymous said...

I was transported back in memory when I saw these photos to my late teenage years when I lived with my Dad and Stepmum. We got on reasonably well but she could be quite strict. She allowed little leeway on curfew time and if I was 10 minutes late, I was punished.I can remember when was 18 I seemed to have to report to her bedroom at last once a month for punishment. After coming home only ten minutes late ,the next evening Ihad to go to her bedroom for the cane or hairbrush.I would be put over her knee and my bottom bared for a painfull few minutes of whacks that really hurt and gave me a sore bum for a couple of days!Dad could not resist adding some slaps when I appeared at breakfast -which I often ate standing up . Jane

Celine said...

Yes! If anyhing, I really love the ones that don't show a bare bottom or an implement..the power of the more subtle suggestion sends a shiver up my spine. Celine

Anonymous said...

Compelling photos, writing and insight for spankologists

Hands on chair....Daddy's home !

"Continued daughterly tantrums ? then bring out that old bamboo duster-cane for effective results. Directions- always apply directly to a smooth bare surface." ouch !

Relative46 said...

Zum 4. Bild:
Welch spannungsgeladene Erwartung: Mutterschoß und Göre! Unter dem Jeans-Röckchen der Straf-Po im Mädchen-Schlüpfer: geriffelt, gerüscht, geblümt...! Senge und Simse, bis der Po nur so brimst; Mohres gelehrt unter zappelnden Beinen...

Sorry: very German spankologist terminology... ;-)
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