Monday, July 26, 2010


I am not into brutality. I do not like torture, cruel spankings, bleeding stripes and all that stuff. Not my taste. I'm into punishment, correction of a naughty girl or woman. A red stinging bottom, a good cry during or after a sound spanking. Embarressment, humiliation, shame... that's okay with me. No bondage, no blood, no black and blue bottoms.
Just a good old fashioned spanking ...that's what makes me going.

Some producers seem to misunderstand spankos. A decline in clicks? Spank harder! Less coustomers? Beat the models black and blue. Nudes spankings sell better. Oral sex and spankings will improve the statistic. Vagina in XXL, anus wide spread... oh, come on!

Tell us a story, give us some imagination, make our fantasy going. That's all we ask for.

Added some pics I like to this entry. Nothing special. Just some nice pics to my taste. But... maybe... I'm to oldfashioned. (sigh)

Isn't she cute? Love that pic!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Unfortunately, the way spanking porn is marketed these days just encourages producers to try and out-do each other at getting the most extreme and outrageous stuff on film. It's really hard to sell story and dialogue and production values.

Anonymous said...

My partner told me her Mum always gave her corner time, before to contemplate what was to come and after to compose herself. Her mum likes to recall some of the spankings and canings she gave her and brushed aside her protests and complaints saying 'your not too old to go over my knee my girl'- she is 24! Her mum admits she was strict and still is a firm believer in C.P..
All the punishments were given on the bare bottom,even at 21 when she was still living at home!I was shown the canes that were still in cupboard in the study and I have no difficulty in belieling my partner when she says how much it stung, apart from it being so embarrassing,when being told to take her knickers down ! LM

Anonymous said...

I agree with the premise. I never find it interesting when cornertime or spanking photographs involve excessive punishment, or a girl in the corner naked, or with her bare butt on display. It completely detracts from any realism. No parent, and certainly no teacher in the world would ever spank or corner someone naked like that. It's crazy.

Celine said...

You said it beautifully, I love your style and your taste. That rough, bleeding, bruised, stuff is awful and a major turn off. I'm so glad I've discovered your blog! Looking forward to reading more!

Old Tom said...

Just discovered this bog! Brilliant and I so agree with your sentiments.

Mike said...

I couldn't agree more! That is why we started The videos are episodes from 5 different series with continuity and tell the whole story. Not short brutal videos with no story whatsoever. The worst are the Russian and Eastern European producers. We met a girl who did a shoot for one of them and was traumatised for weeks. And no sex in our videos either. Go to porn sites if you want to see that!

Love your blog!


eismar55 said...

To Celine and Old Tom:

Thanks for your nice comments.

To Mike:
I am among your greatest fans. you do such a wonderful job. I am member of reallifespankings for years. never tried uniform spankings. I saw some pics and liked them, but I am not that much into uniforms. nevertehless. You know what spankos need. Go on!!!

Anonymous said...

Eismar spanked in uniform is a nice site pretty girls in their uniforms spanked .best wishs tim .

Anonymous said...

Hello, Lovely! Thank you for your words.

YoungTycoon said...

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Mutti said...

I am as old-fashioned as you are. Thank you for a lovvely blog!

Anonymous said...

im only 24 but i do belive if its not broke dont fix it. Every thing is to extrem now days. I do love to be disaplain and do think more women need it. There is a fine line in disaplain and bad intertainment. Thank you for your honesty looking forward to reading more

sixofthebest said...

This photo of a naughty lady with knickers down, and wearing stockings is in perfect position, for receiving 'six or more strokes with a cane, on her naked rear end.

mk said...

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