Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some more

Here are some more toons (some with a funny line).

There seem to be millions of pics with spanking scenes, spanked bottoms, spanked girls. There are thousands of drawings with a spanking scenario. But you do not often find pics or drawings that combine spanking and laughter or even a smile. I do not know why that is so.

Of course - beeing spanked over the knee is not funny for the culprit. Made to stand in in the corner is not very entertaining for the naughty girl who has to do so. But it has funny aspects for others.

A big girl or grown up woman treated like a little one, to see her in such a ridiciulous position, her bottom bare, undies around her knees has its funny aspects to the spectator.

And we all know the stories of big sister beeing spanked while her smaller sibblings secretly take a glimpse of the scene through the half opened door and giggle in delight.

Cornertime is a humiliation for the naughty girl. How much more humiliating if others can see you standing there. And what do you think are these spectators doing? Do they feel sorry for this punished brat with her red glowing bottom? Well - normaly they do not do so. They nodd in appreciation and have a smile on their face. Or - even worse - they make funny remarks.



Dave said...

Those are some GREAT comix and illustrations--I just can't get enough of spanking art.

you are right though--a lot of them combine humor with our kink, which I think is wonderful.



eismar55 said...

Thanks for your nice comment, Dave.
Spanking comix and illustrations combined with humor are hard to find. If I get more I will post them...

sixofthebest said...

Yes as your blog suggests, 'Corner Time', is a most humiliating experience for amy naughty female, before or after a spanking on her bare bottom. Other humiliations are for her to be witnessed being told that she is to receive a spanking, and then receiving one publicly in front of those witnessess, especially be they male.

Anonymous said...

ik moest oppassen op mijn stiefzusje en ze was best vervelend ik vertelde haar dat ze die avond voor het slapen gaan een pak slaag zou krijgen op haar blote bips, toen was ze de hele avond lief maar toen ze naar bed moest hielp ik haar herrinneren, ze moest voor het bed bukken en haar nachtjapon ophijssen en ik ging op bed zitten en trok haar onderbroek naar beneden en sloeg haar 10 x op de blote bips want zo oud was ze en ze was de volgende x met opassen heel lief

Anonymous said...

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